Citylooper is a community based social network allowing users to connect with people residing in the same city and from the same cultural heritage. Based on a particular community, users can know about the forthcoming cultural events in the city, stay updated with the latest news, find out about the restaurants, and locate job and accommodation opportunities. People can add event and restaurant via website or the mobile app of Citylooper.

Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. designed and developed both the website and the mobile app of Citylooper on iOS and Android. It makes us feel proud that the client has achieved great business success with powerful performance of the website and the mobile app.


The major challenge for us was to make a fast and user-friendly mobile app for 4 types of users –

  1. Diasporans.
  2. Event managers.
  3. Restaurant owners.
  4. Backend users or admin.

The app was required to be built on both iOS and Android platforms in a tight project timeline.

It was surely the most challenging mobile app development project for us till date.

Our Plan of Action

Since the timeline was tight, we had to jump start the work. Our web development and mobile app development teams worked hand-in-hand to execute the project within the stipulated time-period.

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  • The Citylooper app has rolled out and the download rate has been phenomenal. The website is performing excellently.
  • We have helped the client in fulfilling their goals.

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