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Social Networking Platform
MSSPL Portfolio Social Networking Platform

Extensive technical support & Responsive


Kamwell Limited
MSSPL Portfolio Kamwell Limited

Great organisation that delivers on time & on budget!

Bjarne Lorenzen

EL Trading
MSSPL Portfolio EL Trading

Dedicated to quality work.

Sunil Ramrakhiani

Quant AI Capital
MSSPL Portfolio Quant AI Capital

They are customer-centric & cost effective.

Abhi Chakraborty

Gard Bags
MSSPL Portfolio Gard Bags

Owns talented graphic designers.


Financial Services
MSSPL Portfolio Financial Services

Fantastic experience & design skills.

Alex Martin-Smith

Centricom LTD.
MSSPL Portfolio Centricom LTD.

Mass Software Solutions continue to be a key partner of Centricom Ltd based in the Isle of Man, UK. We utilise the extensive services of MSSPL for numerous projects spanning from bespoke custom made Secure Cloud CRM and Workflow Platforms, through to SEO and Web/Marketing initiatives. The team at MSSPL have vast experience, frequently contributing to any ideas that we propose and always go the extra mile to ensure the highest levels of quality and ongoing support. MSSPL enhance the service proposition of Centricom and we look forward to a long and rewarding future together.

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