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We are focused, futuristic and confident to deliver viable outcomes. We are Mass Software Solutions Private Limited, one of the top-ranking solution providers of end-to- end design, development and marketing on both web and mobile platforms. Based in Kolkata, India, we cater to global clients, both start-ups and large organizations. We design and develop websites, build mobile apps and offer digital marketing services. With our ROI-driven, end user-centric and completely customized solutions, we have earned the trust and confidence of thousands of clients across the world. Till now, we have successfully completed over 1,000+ projects.

Our approach is simple – analyse, plan and action. We study your requirements and create a plan of action accordingly. As soon as you give a thumbs up to the plan, we jump start to take the action. When we are creating websites and apps, we keep user experience as the bird’s eye and deploy all the frontend and backend features accordingly. Our Internet marketing campaign to give you a powerful web presence is backed by in-depth analysis of not only your business and niche industry, but also your competitors. The solutions are always as per your business needs, your goals and ideas.

The driving force behind our accolades and achievements is our superb team of designers, developers and digital marketers who work in harmony to fulfill MSSPL’s goals. Our team consists of seasoned experts who guide, train and mentor the young professionals. At the helm of every project, there is a dedicated project manager who communicates with the client regularly and briefs the team at regular intervals for smooth execution of the project.

We are experts in all the leading technologies, have access to all cutting-edge tools and stay updated with the constantly evolving trends. So, we can bring you results that will translate your business goals.