Success comes with the combined efforts of each of the team members. At MSSPL, we take pride in excellent teamwork that ensure the successful and timely completion of every project. Our work methodology consists of 8 steps.


Discuss with You

Understanding your requirements is most important and it is the first step of our work procedure. We discuss with the client about the project scope and the timeline.


Analyze Your Project

At this step, we analyse the project requirements, understand your business goals, your mission and vision and your values. Our research team identifies your targeted audiences and based on all the findings, we put across our ideas.


Finalize Your Project

We create the project proposal and send it for your approval. Once we receive an ‘yes’ from your end, we readily proceed to plan the project.


Plan Your Project

Your project is planned and a team is prepared for the execution. A dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee the project execution. The plan is divided into several modules and a timeframe is allotted to each. Each of the modules is allocated to the best qualified professional for it.


Execute Your Project

The project manager is responsible for making sure that the work progresses as per the plan and sends the completed modules to the client. He or she also constantly communicates with the client and enquires whether the latter needs any change in the modules.


Perform Testing

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality works. In order to ensure that, we ensure rigorous testing of the websites and mobile applications so that they are bug-free and functional.



We implement the website and mobile application once we receive the quality certificate.


Post Implementation
Review (PIR)

Our prime objective is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. So, we perform Post Implementation Review (PIR) to make sure that websites and mobile applications created by us are working appropriately and fulfilling your goals. We are happy to resolve your issues by offering you 60 days of free technical and customer support.

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