Google Leveraging The Power Of Machine Learning To Promote Technology Advancements
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Google Leveraging The Power Of Machine Learning To Promote Technology Advancements

Google has always been at the forefront when it comes to taking advantage of the latest technological innovations. And for the past couple of years, they have been taking on machine learning solutions. By turning speech to text and leveraging advancements in deep learning, Google has brought AI to the device we use daily. It is also paving its way through technological developments by employing machine learning models in its complex algorithm.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is nothing but an application of artificial intelligence that empowers systems to learn automatically and improve from experience. In simpler words, it involves the method of utilising math to find patterns in extensive volumes of data to make predictions based on the new data. Machine learning focuses on improving computer programs to enable them to access data and use that data to learn to improve the overall user experience.

Google is increasing its Machine Learning and AI resources rapidly. Today, it is relying on this new frontier in digital transformation to drive value and influence all aspects of an organisation. Google’s on-device machine learning abilities are quite brilliant and can undoubtedly transform existing business and development processes.

Google’s Influence On Machine Learning Boosting Business Success

Today, Google has more than 1 billion users, making them one of the biggest brands in the world. Google, unquestionably, is the most prominent key driver of modern technological advancement at present. AI and machine learning will dominate the future. It will surely help improve the way we do business.

Google is learning and expanding faster than you can comprehend. You can see it translate to the latest technology available for businesses today. Google is also more expert at understanding and inferring information from anything other than just text. Businesses today need to recognise that machine learning will be able to analyse everything with tremendous efficiency and more comprehensive datasets than ever before.

Google reached a significant milestone when it achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy’ breakthrough in October last year. It helped open new possibilities for quantum computing technology. Meaning, these computers can potentially solve problems that a classical computer would find too difficult or even impossible. And we are talking about difficulties like

  • Designing better batteries
  • Improving existing advanced technologies such as machine learning
  • Finding out the exact molecules can be more effective medicines
  • Reducing emissions through the production of fertilizer

Some businesses are already harnessing AI in the form of machine learning. It has helped businesses gain better insights from their sales, clients, operating efficiencies, and several other data sources. When done correctly, machine learning can influence not only the efficiencies but also effectiveness in what we produce, market, or even sell.

How Has Google Helped In Technological Advancements?</2>

Now let’s focus on how Google has supported technology development through machine learning.

In recent years, Google has excelled in both software and hardware developments by leveraging machine learning and AI. And this is not just for one particular industry. Today, even the healthcare industry has gained immensely from it. From using AI to help cure blindness to machine learning helping healthcare professionals predict patients’ care needs, Google has positively added value to the industry. Industries like e-commerce, digital marketing, manufacturing, etc. have also gained profitable outcomes by embracing machine learning.

We’ll now discuss Google’s machine learning application in hardware and software.

Machine Learning Implementation In Software

Google Search Engine:

As you may already know, Google, through machine learning, provides the search results every time you search for something. Not just that. It improves search results as well. How? Every time it executes a search algorithm, Google records your search result response at the backend. And this is done to enhance your experience in future.

Google Apps(Android/IOS):

Google has already managed to implement machine learning algorithms successfully in recent years. From adding the concept of face recognition in apps to predicting the most optimal route in Google maps, Google has been making steady improvements in the applications we use daily.

Virtual Personal Assistants:

Alexa and Google Virtual Assistant hold a dominant place in the market today, giving a tough competition to Siri. And the only way these incredible innovations can have such precise results is through machine learning. It helps them collect and refine data according to the user’s prior search results. Developers can also implement the virtual assistants within the OS as well as messaging applications.

Machine Learning Implementation In Hardware

CPUs and GPUs:

Chips are the brain of the computer. So you can understand their importance. By implementing machine learning into a specific chip, it enhances its role of executing logic in the given algorithm. Studies show that chips with machine learning implemented in them perform far better than any other traditional chips.


Today, almost all the smartphone giants are implementing “AI-Powered Camera”. Google was the first brand to implement this concept in the hardware of its smartphone – Google Pixel. This smartphone’s camera uses a single lens to capture an image and processes it into a portrait mode, similar to a DSLR image. But a DSLR image uses several sensors. Google Pixel’s camera utilises the machine learning technique to blur the background of the subject. It’s ML algorithm helps identify the depth of the field, the subject, colour reproduction, etc.

Wrapping Up

Google has come a long way since it first started. By implementing machine learning in various processes and technologies, it has helped businesses, irrespective of the size and industry. Google today plays a vital role in accelerating the growth of organisations with the power of Machine Learning and AI. And this is just the beginning.

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