• 901x348
    Apr 28.2017

    Internet of Things to Transform Business Prospects in 2017 in Latest Update

    In 2017, we are looking forward to many revolutionary trends in the world of technology. One of them is surely the Internet of Things or IoT as we know it popularly. Enterprises are leaning towards IoT to utilize it's potential for developing better customer relationships and to expedite business growth. With Internet of Things, enterprises…

  • developer-release
    Apr 21.2017

    Google has Released Developer Preview of Android O Version in Latest Update

    “Which is the next Android version?” This is what hovers over the minds of most tech-savvy people and gadget freaks. If you are also excited about Nougat's (Android 7 version) successor, here we have curated some information about it. Recently, Google has launched the developer preview of Android 8. It is worth mentioning that Android…

  • ruby-on-rails
    Apr 19.2017

    Ruby on Rails 5.1.0.beta1 Released in March, 2017 in Latest Update

    As we promised, we're back with another interesting update from the tech world. Today, we'll talk about Ruby on Rails, an open-source server-side web application framework. The software is coded in Ruby and it is under MIT License. Considered the best framework for creating new-age web applications in an easy, quick and hassle-free way, Ruby…

  • 1
    Apr 12.2017

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Steadily Spreading Its Impact on Social Media in Latest Update

    Artificial Intelligence, popularly abbreviated as AI fascinates every tech savvy individual. So, we thought of discussing about this incredible technology today. For long, the impact of of AI on social media has been round the corner. What's the buzzword about it actually? Let's find out in the following. Artificial intelligence on social media aims at…

  • 07-04-2017
    Apr 7.2017

    Mobile App Vs Mobile Web And Your Marketing Plan in Mobile App Development

    Nowadays, Internet is mostly accessed via smart phones. Internet users on smart phones can be divided into two sections – those who resort to mobile browsers and others using the apps. So, it can be said that the need for mobile websites has not decreased with the growing popularity of mobile apps. As statistics suggest…

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