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Google has Released Developer Preview of Android O Version

“Which is the next Android version?” This is what hovers over the minds of most tech-savvy people and gadget freaks. If you are also excited about Nougat’s (Android 7 version) successor, here we have curated some information about it. Recently, Google has launched the developer preview of Android 8. It is worth mentioning that Android continues its legacy of naming the OS versions after sweet foods. Android 8 version has been tentatively named Oreo. After nougat, it is oreo!

Android O’s first build is out (not for consumer use, it is a developer preview) on the following devices:

Device Download Link SHA-256 Checksum
Nexus 5X 338a95b1bb86527a3c95b3d1b6be9770d1fe2f43a01e0f1aa73b4504c5b0dcb8
Nexus 6P caec5ca2aaf10f70b4a0dbc14afff56adc9e79c329fb12aefbd42517837eee31
Nexus Player 7a871bc04bfdc2971a0883535d262d0215a536efed5bac80d4b1cb4b071d8416
Pixel C 101e96d3e52ddcaef8a84842f0bc92aed86207ad166ae77a450cf75ad94d8fb9
Pixel 164983f40993fb6b4414548758a43c6e14f3b9ebbab1036e30d6c00bfbc0e35a
Pixel XL 476ea53f594d8fd67f2be2976929a5b7edc102d709447d36b41beb3f98deb1e9


Needless to say, the new version will introduce smarter and more improved previous features and some brand new ones also. Picture-in-picture (PiP) and auto-fill APIs are among the new features that tech pundits are looking forward to in Oreo.

You must be wondering – “When can I download Android O?” The recently released version is not the official beta version. However, you can access it on any of the abovementioned devices. For that, you have to flash an image on your device manually which erases data from the device. So, think about it before you go for it actually. You must be a professional developer to install it.

As per the word from the tech world, Android O version will be available in the middle of 2017.

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