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Top 7 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Mobile Website

Mobile phones or to be more precise, smart phones are the lifeline of people today. While a considerable percentage of population do use desktops to access Internet, mobile Internet on smart phones is the mantra for the majority. With majority, we are not just talking about the millennial generation. The majority population using mobile Internet also includes elderly people. The emergence of more and more user-friendly smart phones have ensured that people of all age groups can use them in a hassle-free way and with lesser need for guidance.

Smart phones and mobile apps are inseparable. There is an app for everything. Be it for paying phone or electricity bills, checking weather, controlling indoor temperatures or even getting tips for packing – you have a mobile app for each of these tasks.

Mobile website is in the game, will stay too.

Mobile apps are popular and there is not the slightest doubt about it. But, mobile websites don’t lag behind. The rise of apps has not affected the efficacy of mobile websites. The fact that not all service providers can benefit from switching to the mobile app platform further increases the importance of mobile websites. It also heightens the need of hiring a good mobile website design company India.

It is important to build a proper mobile website and keep updating it to ensure superior user experience.

Here is how you can improve your mobile website’s performance.

  1. 1. Keep the domain name short

    Everything is centered around user experience. All the elements need to intelligible and easy to grab. So, it makes sense to decide on a short domain name. Keep it within eight characters. Make sure that it clearly communicates about what your website is all about.

    A short domain name will make your mobile website attention-grabbing to your targeted audiences.

  2. 2. Make your mobile website responsive, tidy and orderly

    Clean, neat and organized designs always attract. Keep in mind that your website will not appear the same on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Making a mobile website responsive is a must so that your site provides the best user experience on all the platforms.

    Also, the site must be clean and simple in design, and all the features must be well-ordered. Otherwise, your targeted audiences will not have any good reason to visit your website again and again.

    Avail the services of a dedicated mobile responsive website design and development company.

  3. 3. Preview your mobile website

    Previews help identify and fix the errors. Preview your website on different mobile settings with developer tools.

  4. 4. Stay away from stuffing your mobile website with too many features

    Most users browse a mobile website when they are on-the-go and need some quick information. The act of wisdom is to incorporate the basic essential features on the mobile website. You can leave the fancy features for the desktop version of the website. This is expected from a proficient mobile website design company India.

  5. 5. User testing is essential

    When improving the performance of your mobile website, what matters most is the mobile UX. Ensuring excellent mobile user experience is a challenging job since there are multiple mobile platforms and different screen sizes. So, how do you fulfill this challenging task?

    The best solution is to do user testing on various devices. Finalize the designs after the testing.

  6. 6. Review on mobile device

    Keep track of the progress and always review the mobile-friendliness of your website on a mobile device only. Keep the approach mobile-only. This will help develop the website perfectly through that prism.

  7. 7. Excellent navigation for higher conversion

    Navigate your visitors to the sections and pages where they want to go. Navigation makes or breaks a mobile website. Poor navigation is the major problem of most mobile websites. Users must be directed to web pages that they need to explore. Engage visitors with eye-catching and informative landing pages.

    The key links must grab utmost attention in the navigation.

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