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5 Fabulous Features Of Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 update has arrived. Some phones have got the update already, while some are eagerly waiting for it. The new version of Google’s mobile operating system is rolling out slowly and it is expected that within the next few weeks, maximum Android phones will get the update. So, while you look forward to welcome Nougat on your phone (in case you are using a Nexus phone, you have welcomed Nougat already), let’s take you on a tour of its important features.

We are going to discuss about the five features of Android Nougat that are currently the talk of the town.

  1. 1. Multi-tasking Ability with Split Screen

This is the major feature of Android 7.0. The multi-window support is something that has been introduced long ago in Android phones of Samsung. But, now, Nexus phone users can finally work on two apps simultaneously.

The Split Screen feature is simple. Just tap long on the multitasking button on the navigation bar and start working on two apps.

Press on the ‘Clear All’ button (it’s a new feature) to close all the applications. Double tap on the multitasking button the navigation bar to use the previous app. This is a new feature called ‘Quick Switch’.

  1. 2. Longer Battery Life with Doze Mode 2.0

This feature make those all smiles who were distressed to find their Android phones with low battery beep beep every morning. Doze Mode was the among the most loved features of Android Marshmellow.

Doze Mode 2.0 restricts background tasks after the screen is turned off and saves battery life more efficiently.

  1. 3. Bundled Notifications for More Convenience

With the latest version of Android, you will recieve all the messages or notifications from a particular application grouped altogether in the notifications shade. It will save more space. You can either dismiss all the notifications or tap the expansion button to look at each of the bundled alerts.

  1. 4. Notification Prioritization for Better Control of Notification Display

Set and prioritize the display of notifications on the lock screen by choosing from these options in the setting – display notifications silently or turn off notifications. You can also access the priority settings with a long tap on a notification.

  1. 5. Direct Reply Notification for Quicker Actions

Stop switching applications to give reply. The smartest, easiest and the quickest way to respond on Android phones and tablets has emerged. Nougat’s notifications will allow you to reply directly instead of opening the application.

Surprise! – Not just reply, you can even delete or share information directly from the notification. Nougat is really smart! What say?

So, share with us what you think about the features of Android’s Nougat.

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