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8 Things A User Seeks In A Brand Mobile App

Brand apps have become as necessary as owning a website if you are a B2C company. Consumers today are too much app-savvy and whenever they stumble upon a new brand name, they tend to look for it in the app stores.

They download fast and uninstall faster. This is the reality you have to deal with. Developing an app just for the sake of it will not keep you going. You need to make it as functional as possible and here are the key 8 things that a user seeks in a brand app—

Should be free

Other than games and device support tech apps, users are not interested to pay for anything else. So, first of all, it should be absolutely free.

Less space-eater

Many users back out from downloading if the app size is more than 20 MB. The irony is they don’t mind downloading a game app of 100+ MB but for a brand app they’d think twice unless you are Amazon or eBay.


It’s in human nature to give in to the beauty and the rule applies everywhere. But looking good is not enough, your app should be unique in all sense, not an almost clone of your competitor.

Superb User Interface

It should be attractive, easy-to-use, responsive across a range of devices, easy to navigate and intuitive so that when the user steps in, he feels at home. It’s vital for extended user engagement and retention.

Low or no downtime

Users are restless. Even if they’ve decided to buy something, if a certain product page takes too long to load, they’d leave it for the moment. Now, when they’d reappear again no one knows.

For the sake of quick and instant conversion, you should get your app developed from a good mobile app development company so that there’s no downtime issue.

And this is the reason you should own native apps only, developed separately for individual operating systems. Development cost of the cross-platform apps may be less but these apps take too long to load.

Good taxonomy

The app should have a very good taxonomy of products, prices and categories so that customers can easily sort and the app can respond swiftly when a search query is made.

Secured and easy checkout
This is self-explanatory and you should ensure for your own good so that you don’t get tangled in any chargeback issue.

Frequent offers

Coupon codes, discounts, daily deals, combo offers… there’s no end. Customers will be looking for such things frequently. You’d have to lure them anyway.

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