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5 Most Functional Web Design Trends Of 2016

Every year, we discard a couple of design trends as we get newer and better ones to explore and this is how things are supposed to be on the web. By better we mean more functional, attractive and SEO-friendly.
And in 2016 we are putting emphasis on these 5 trends–

Stunning visuals, creative layouts and strategic messaging packed in a set that slides horizontally is one of the most popular trends now. You can go full-screen for client storytelling or to showcase your products/features.
But you need to choose a web design company that provides responsive web designing services or else the beautiful slideshow wouldn’t run on a mobile device.
You can put a sliding navigational bar on the header only, if you want to provide more breathing space to the design.

Ghost Buttons
Smart and trendy, these buttons can instigate the visitors to explore more from your site and at the same time reduce the content load on the web page.
We can say, every 4 out of 5 top-notch websites today are adorned with these ‘semi-transparent’ or ‘empty’ buttons. They can cut short the descriptions by featuring ‘read more’ or they can be clicked to land up on other pages of the site.

Parallax Design
We find it one of the most outstanding contemporary trends and we have designed quite a handful for clients from different sectors. It’s capable of making a scintillating visual impact on the viewers. While all things are laid out on a single page, there is no need of reloading.
You can choose between horizontal and vertical scrolling but most importantly you can make the web design more breath-taking by adding dynamic effects and motion.

This kind of design is ideal for websites that have a huge list of dynamic contents to highlight. The entire layout is split into grids. Each grid typically features a visual, a catchline or a heading, mostly a clickable link.
Online magazines, photography sites and even blog sites can be best served with grid-split designs, provided you have hired a good designer.

Feature Icons
If you want a completely clutter-free, simple yet elegant design that talks less but communicates more, use of feature icons is the solution. Product features or services represented in one-liners tagged with unique icons, is a niche trend which can also make the web design SEO-friendly.

Now, these trends are often merged together to produce a very functional output. Get in touch if you want to know more on the latest web design trends.

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