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12 Reasons You Should Choose Magento

As such there’s no dearth of platforms for developing e-commerce sites and online stores but why should you go for the second best when the ‘best’ itself is available at a very affordable pack? E-commerce site development in Magento is the key to boost your online business.

Currently Magento alone occupies 25.12% market share in Alexa Top 1 Million. And do you think that has happened just like that?

Below are the 12 reasons.

1. Magento sites are responsive to all kind of mobile devices and this feature is required not only to boost sales but also to obey the Google SEO mandate.

2. While setting up an online store, you need to integrate all the important payment gateways so that you can cater to a wide pool of customers and Magento supports almost all the gateways.

3. Some people criticize Magento sites for being slow but that’s because of a multi-layered security system, highly difficult to breach. If you are wise, you will agree to compromise speed.

4. Magento web applications are highly flexible. Pages can get created and modified on the fly, one of the key features required for an e-commerce site.

5. If you have multiple sites to run, one single Magento installation can take care of all, slashing down the cost.

6. You can accommodate up to 500,000 products on a Magento site and the figure is truly whopping.

7. A Magento site can handle bulk orders and manage multiple orders at a time. The order management feature is way better than any of its competitors.

8. Magento is an open-source platform and so you won’t have to shell out too much for development. Of course, you need to pay for designing and customization.

9. Being a CMS, this platform is built-in SEO-friendly and provisions are kept for further optimization.

10. Magento offers a number of e-marketing tools like cross-sells, up-sells, flexible coupons etc. These are all sales-boosters to lure the customers so that they get tempted to spend more.

11. The checkout process of an e-commerce site needs to be highly user-friendly. Many prospective buyers back off from that stage if they find it complicated. Magento keeps it easy.

12. Compared to other platforms, search filters are better in Magento and so are browse related prompts.

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