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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Steadily Spreading Its Impact on Social Media

Artificial Intelligence, popularly abbreviated as AI fascinates every tech savvy individual. So, we thought of discussing about this incredible technology today. For long, the impact of of AI on social media has been round the corner. What’s the buzzword about it actually? Let’s find out in the following.

Artificial intelligence on social media aims at strengthening brands with more surefire ways of discovering interested groups and customer engagement. We call it Social AI which is completely focused at improving the social experience of targeted audiences, treating the latter to more useful and engaging content. The ways may involve the study of the user behaviour on the social channels, including the search history and the content shared by the users.

When citing instances of the emergence of magical paws of AI on social media, it has to be the auto face tagging feature of Facebook. When you upload a pic, Facebook tags people automatically with its amazing facial recognition technology. And, the auto face tags are mostly perfect all the time! Try it out today. This is till date among the most loved new features of Facebook.

Social AI is evolving at a rapid pace. Brace yourselves to see more remarkable AI technologies in the coming times.

See you again with more insights into the tech world!

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