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Mobile App Vs Mobile Web And Your Marketing Plan

Nowadays, Internet is mostly accessed via smart phones. Internet users on smart phones can be divided into two sections – those who resort to mobile browsers and others using the apps. So, it can be said that the need for mobile websites has not decreased with the growing popularity of mobile apps. As statistics suggest that near about 20 percent of Internet users are mobile web users, the requirement for responsive web design India services will be on the high.

On the other hand, the soaring acceptance of mobile apps demonstrates the fact that more and more businesses will avail mobile app development India services. According to recent survey, more than 15 percent of people accessing web on smart phones are mobile app users.

Why People Use Mobile Browsers?

There is no doubt regarding the fact that content looks better on bigger screen i.e. on desktops and laptops. Life is extremely fast today which makes it difficult to use large-sized devices like, desktops and laptops to access web anytime on the go. The millennial generation keeps in touch with the web world all the time, be it while travelling or waiting at the airport lounge. This has increased the use of mobile web browsers. The responsive design of a mobile website helps them view the content appropriately on a smaller screen without the need for zooming in and out.

Mobile browsers present a smart alternative to the people to stay in contact with the Internet; that section of people who prefer to access online content on desktops. Advanced responsive web design India services are focused on enhanced navigation features to make mobile websites more user-friendly.

It is worth mentioning that web browsers allow searching for multiple websites according to the purpose of the users. This is something that mobile apps fail to offer as they deal with a particular product or service, solves a specific problem or query of the user.

Why People Use Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are useful when they match the queries or problems of the users with helpful answers and solutions. Moreover, a mobile app is where users can get all information about the product or service for which the app is. For example, by using the MakeMyTrip app, you can not only get information about the latest airfares, hotel prices and travel packages, but you can also make bookings, build an itinerary and more.

Many ecommerce businesses provide app-only offers and discounts. The offers are incredible and discounts are huge, and users cannot resist availing that.

Mobile apps keep users updated with the latest offers and deals by sending push notifications. Mobile websites can never offer such functionality.

People tend to use a mobile app more that connects them to the website than the one not linked to the site.

So, What Will Be Your Business Promotion And Marketing Plans?

After discussing about the both, when it comes to the marketing plan of your business in this scenario, it is advisable to invest resources in both mobile website design and mobile app development India.

The number of mobile web and mobile app users is going to soar only. When you build a mobile website for your business, make sure to optimize it for your targeted mobile audiences.

While creating a mobile app, the focus should be on user-friendly and fast features and functionalities. The content published on the website and the app should not have any discrepancy. For instance, information about a particular deal offered by your business should be the same on your website and on your mobile app. Same users may visit your mobile website and use your mobile app. Users should not be misled.

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