Digital Marketing Stats During The Pandemic (Infographic)

Digital Marketing During The Pandemic – Important Stats You Should Be Aware Of (Infographic)

Who would’ve thought digital marketing would be this important at the beginning of the year 2020. Indeed, marketing has always been a vital part of any business. But, with the pandemic hitting us like the tsunami, it made us realise how essential it is to have an excellent digital footprint and digital marketing strategy.

Businesses worldwide continue to cope with the ramifications of the global pandemic. They are now trying every marketing technique to, not just stay afloat, but, grow their business during these testing times.

Since consumer behaviour had shifted significantly due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a drastic change in digital marketing strategies as well. The “new normal” world has increased importance for specific areas of online marketing more than others.

To help marketers stay on top of their game, we have rounded up a few notable marketing statistics. The infographic on the latest digital marketing stats will help you understand what the consumers want. Not just that. It also shows how important it is for businesses to rely on online marketing now more than ever.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Right Now

There are a plethora of advantages to prioritising online marketing in the post-COVID world. We will be listing out the four key benefits of why you should focus on improving your digital marketing strategies. They include:

Brand Exposure

Everyone is online today and, in fact, spending a significant amount of time browsing the various online platforms. The good news about this is that it provides an excellent opportunity to connect with their existing and potential customers. Digital marketing techniques like social media ad campaigns can give businesses the added advantage to improve brand awareness and reach local as well as a global audience.

Reach Potential Customers at Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

When we talk about the “buying cycle” of a user, it is nothing but the journey they take from discovering your service or product to visiting your website or store and finally making the purchase. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are various stages in this cycle, which include brand awareness, in-depth research, deliberation, conversion, and finally, retention. Digital marketing provides a huge benefit in helping you target the consumer as well as engage them at every stage of this cycle, allowing you to convert the lead into a sale.

Measurable Outcomes

Digital marketing helps you measure your ROI and achieve higher results with ease. You can make data-driven decisions using the outcomes from your marketing campaigns to help improve the future ones for better results. By being able to see the number of people who view and interact with your social media ads, you will know what exactly your audience wants.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Through online marketing, you can regularly interact with your existing customer and target audience. As it allows you to reach your audience as many times you want and at any time of the day, it gives your brand the exposure it needs. Therefore, it is more likely that your existing and potential customers will remember and choose your business.

Digital Marketing At Mass Software Solutions

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