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Hi there! It feels good to see you here as we continue with our sequel for the last blog we published a few days ago. Last time, the blog discussed various aspects of hiring expert and experienced professionals with dedicated hiring model. Hope the blog was successful in enriching your basic idea about dedicated hiring. You must have realized what the remote staff can do for you, and how you can get the best advantages and utilities of hiring such an expert professional.

Just to recapitulate, we would like to list the companies or sectors that can hire the best resources as per their requirement. Refer to the list below:

  • Web Designing Companies
  • IT Consulting and IT Marketing Establishments
  • Owners of Web Portals and Webstores
  • Start-up IT Firms
  • Companies that are Involvement in Product Development

We are now going to focus on the step-wise process of hiring an expert professional. Before we go, you just need to decide what your exact requirements are. You may hire the best professionals from the following categories:

Dedicate Hiring Model-The Process Flow:


Before we start the discussion, we would like to reiterate that hiring dedicated staff is meant to bring a qualitative addition to your team of professionals that work from your location. We focus on everything that guarantees you the best professionals who can help you to overcome all the issues that made you to decide to hire remote staff.

Reaching Us Would Be Your First Initiative:

Of course, we cannot have a dream about the problems your business is facing. It would be your initiative to reach us first and make us aware of your exact needs. Though people prefer sending mail mentioning their requirements, we always prefer sit face-to-face and discuss your needs with a human feeling. It develops an understanding right at the beginning of a professional relationship. Don’t you think it will do good to a budding relationship right at its outset.

Only A Thirsty Person Should Search for the Water, Water Does Not Reach the Thirsty

Sharing Profiles of Best Professional:


Depending on your requirement in detail, we would share the profiles of the best resources that can meet your needs at the best. We would not recommend any as all of them are good and deserve the best professional engagement. The decision of selection depends entirely on you.

Our Contribution in the story begins once our list of available candidates Reaches You

Interviewing The Candidates:


As mentioned, we never recommend any candidate as all of them are extremely good in their own domain. Maintaining transparency in the process is a priority for us, and that is why you are free to select the candidate that you like the most. We can schedule an interview on any online message platform where you can chat and test your future candidate. You get a very good chance to extend your team with a professional of your choice. You can take your time, before reaching a final decision.

We Would Not Interfere Anywhere in the Selection or Hiring Process



The is the most important part of the entire hiring process where you need to take the final decision regarding selection of the best candidate that you would hire. You need to send us an email stating the name of the selected candidate along with the plan you wish to avail. You confirmation mail can actually start the process of hiring as we start the legal procedures immediately after getting your confirmation.

Think Deeply and then Confirm Your Preferred Hiring Model

Contract and NDA:


We die hard to keep everything clear and transparent from our end. We give highest preference to a healthy and trusted relationship, so we sign contracts, especially Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The contract and NDA protect your confidential data and information as our professionals would use the same extensive while working on your project(s). These are not mere legal formalities, but the bring complete peace of mind for both parties involved in the contract. This would end any possibility of passing the confidential data to any unwanted third party, unless you allow us to do that. However, we can do this only on your permission in black and white.

Our Initiatives for Safe Handling of Your Data & Information is Trusted by All Our Clients



Once the contract is signed, we would actually stand at the verge of get going with the work. However, we do that immediately after getting the payment against the selected hiring plan. You can pay us using the safe and trusted payment gateways. With the receipt of the amount, your hiring process and billing formalities start.

Your Payment Would Be One Step Forward Towards Hiring the Best Professional

Appointment of An Account Manager:


Though you would have the control in your hand as how you engage your hired resource, we appoint one efficient and experienced account manager who can work between you and your resource. The the workstation, he would ensure that the hired professional is working as per the contract or not. You can reach your account manager and hired staff any moment during the local office time. You can call them over the phone or interact with them on Skype, Hangouts, and other instant messaging platforms. You can even demand tracking of his work so that you can keep an eye on his work on every day basis.

An Efficient Account Manager Can Guarantee Complete Peace Of Mind For You

The Team Gets Going:


This is a dream-come-true situation for you as the team gets constituted and it starts working dedicatedly on your projects. All the members of the hired team get into action and that assures you a grand beginning of a professional engagement that would focus on quality of the deliverable products, and that too guaranteeing 100% punctuality and other standards of quality. The team works as an extended part of your existing team at your place. Due to the latest infrastructure and connectivity facilities, you can always stay connected with your hired staff and account manager. You can manage your team as per your preferences.

Get Ready to Experience the Difference in the Functioning and Productivity of Company

The Bottom Line:

There are some distinctive reasons for you to believe that Mass Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. (MSSPL) has been your trusted partner whenever you need to add the best virtual staff your your development or digital marketing team. With some of the best industry experience, MSSPL promises to be your real friend in need.

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