Dedicated Hiring-A Unique Concept to Enhance Quality and Productivity of Businesses

Running a business and meeting the expectations of the clients are two very complicated thing, yet they are the basic things that every business needs to take care of. Setting a strong reputation among the clients is the key that can make things easier for a business. However, there are many things that prevent a potential business owner to get the right output from their efforts. Following are a few of them:

  • Insufficient Staff
  • Inadequate skill sets
  • Poor methodology resulting in delayed delivery
  • Inability to meet delivery standards
  • Excessive increase in production cost

Dedicated Hiring: What Is It All About?


Industry experts believe that dedicated hiring has emerged as a grand option that can bring businesses the right impetus even if they do not appoint any resource at their own workplace. People also term it as remote hiring as the hired professionals do not work from the actual location of the hiring agencies or companies. Such a pattern of hiring is extremely flexible as it gives the agencies every right to decide what is their need and what they need to hire. It is a deal between the offshore agencies and the hiring companies. They just need to take care of a few things before the things materialize.

Who Can Avail This Exquisite Hiring Model?


Since the beginning, the scope and feature of Dedicated Hiring have changed quite rapidly. Definitely, things have become beneficial for a wide array of companies that often need to add better employees to their existing teams of professionals. Following establishments can find dedicated hiring very useful for them.

    • Web Designing Companies
    • IT Consulting and IT Marketing Establishments
    • Owners of Web Portals and Webstores
    • Start-up IT Firms
    • Companies that are Involvement in Product Development

Salient Features of Hiring Professionals Through Remote Hiring Model:

Apparently, this model of dedicated or remote hiring brings some great advantages to the hiring companies. As a matter of fact, this model has some exclusive features that work as advantages to those companies. Following are some of those features that every company would wish to avail:

Hiring Professionals Of their Choice:

05The decision of quality and quantity of remote staff remains in the hand of the hiring agencies. They can think and decide their priorities for both quality and quantity of the remote staff. They can hire professionals that they need to execute their tasks. Usually, the top hiring agencies demand skilled web and graphic designers and developers with varying capacities and skill sets. At present, the demand for Magento Developers, Drupal Developers, ASP.Net Developers, Ruby On Rails Developers, and Codeigniter Developers is rising at an amazing rate. They are playing a major role in this process of hiring.

Hiring for Flexible Duration:

06Usually offshore companies have multiple options when it comes to deciding the duration of hiring. The agencies can hire their remote staff for 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours on everyday basis. The agencies are free to decide the duration as per their needs. Quite understandably, it suits their budget more than anything else. They just need to make the payment according before the remote staff resumes his duty.

Painless Project Management:

07The companies need not do anything to manage their hired team or individual. The offshore agencies themselves do everything for them. They appoint project managers for every project that is responsible for smooth execution of the tasks on everyday basis. The team takes care of everything and deliver the end product punctually.

Safe Virtual Extension of Your Workstation

08Usually, experts call any hiring on this model ‘a painless hiring’ as the agencies need to do nothing except selecting the professional and making the payment for hiring them. It is the offshore agency that takes the real pain. They do everything that is necessary for managing the hired professionals. They manage the database for every individual that include salary, attendance, leaves, etc. These agencies also take the responsibility to assign them work, do them accordingly, and send the report to the hiring authorities at regular intervals. You can conclude that such a hiring brings world of advantages to the hiring agencies.

Uncompromising Quality:

09This is one feature that has enhanced the demand of best professionals on dedicated hiring model. Usually, the offshore companies offer the services of highly-talented people who can deliver the best services whenever required. They can do everything possible provided it is applicable under the tool or software they are working.

Time Schedule:

10This is another highlight of this hiring model. The hired professionals are available according to the time schedule of the hiring agencies. Every offshore company undertakes the responsibility to provide the hired professional space and infrastructure to work during the operation time schedule.

Seamless Communication:

11Communication has been one of the most important parts of this type of hiring model. As the hiring agency and the hired staff work from different geographic locations, so communication brings them together. They can chat over various platforms like Hangouts, Skype, and other Messenger platforms. Uninterrupted communication builds a perfect rapport between the factions and things run smoothly without any problems.

Status Tracking:

12Apart from constant availability on communication platforms, the activities of the offshore staff are tracked continuously with reliable tracker software. The hiring agencies can get screenshots that are nothing but automatic screen captures that the software does at regular intervals. It clearly means that the resources need to pay constant attention towards their work only. It guarantees the promised productivity in the end.

Reports and Updates:

13The offshore agencies are bound to send reports and updates on a regular basis. The reports are sent as per the promised deadlines. Most of the service providers prefer sending reports on monthly basis, if it is not settled otherwise. Obviously, these reports include everything that the teams or individuals have done during the period of reporting.

No Need to Buy Infrastructure for The Hired Resources:

14As mentioned earlier, the remote staff works from the office of their offshore agencies, so the hiring agencies neither need to buy infrastructure for them nor they need to spend anything for them on everyday basis. Quite understandably, this saves a lot of money for these hiring agencies.

Increase Productivity:

15As professionals remain available throughout the duration of hiring, so they need to put 100% effort towards their deliveries. To some extent, it increases productivity. Most of the hiring agencies of clients show satisfaction if they notice increasing productivity at the end of the duration of hiring.

Replacement of Staff in Case of An Emergency:

16Emergencies are unavoidable. They make people change their policies and course of action on most of the occasions. In case of an emergency, the offshore agencies replace the staff in contract with another staff with similar knowledge, experience, expertise, and capabilities. As a results of that, the hiring agencies never face any major disruption issues in the process of their work.

Possibilities of Hiring Entire Team Comprising of People With Varying Skill Sets:

17There are numerous examples where the hiring agencies hire an entire team of professionals varying in size and strength. The composition of the team depends on the immediate need. These teams include web designers, developers, graphic designers, digital marketers, quality analysts, and more. The entire team remains responsible towards executing the projects of their clients only. Obviously, it increases the productivity to an even higher level.

Security to Intellectual Data:

18Every business utilizes some confidential data and information. Preserving the same becomes a responsibility of the offshore company, especially the team that uses this data. Usually, these agencies sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with their clients. This enforces legal proceedings in case the data is misused or leaked unofficially or unethically.

This is all about the basics of Dedicated Hiring and what the features of this method of hiring are. Stay tuned to our next post that would focus on the procedure that the offshore agencies follow to help the hiring agencies get the best remote staff.

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