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How Important H1 Tag is For SEO

SEO trends change every year and if you consider, H1 tags have always remained neglected and underestimated. H1 tags work by either helping your ranking or end up declining it, depending on how you make use of them. On this blog, you’ll find information on how you can use H1 on your website for improving your search engine rank. Also, you’ll learn about methods for producing the perfect H1 tag that can help your on-page SEO.

What is H1 Tag?

H1 tag is nothing but an HTML tag used for indicating the heading of the webpage. When your visitors visit your page they generally notice the H1 tag because the font size used are a bit larger than the usual and is in bold. H1 tags are made that way because they attract the user significantly.

If you notice you’ll see different websites to choose their H1 tags differently. Some websites write their H1 as a long, full sentence, other limits them to simple words that match the title tag of the page.

If you use relevant keywords on H1 tags, you will have some SEO benefits. Suppose, you’re writing a page of a website that talks about car parts supplies. You can use keywords like ‘car part supplies’ or ‘all about car part supplies’ to the H1 tags. H1 tags with keywords play a large part in ranking your website. This way you can outrank your website as well. However, you should use only those keywords that are relevant to your website, otherwise, they are gonna leave.

How It plays an Important Part for SEO

Why H1 tag
H1 tags do not play a direct role in impacting SEO, still, it is important that you spend some valuable time optimizing your H1 tags as there are many important benefits they provide. Such as good H1 tags improves the user experience. Improvement of user experience means improved rankings in search results. You just have to combine the effects of relevant keywords and good content with desired info on the web page. Let’s think this way, having relevant H1 tags on every page of your website can make your website as well as business to rank better. Make use of these tips while writing a web page

  • Every page of your website should have H1 tags
  • All your H1 tags need to be unique
  • Don’t stuff keywords on your tags
  • Use accurate keywords
  • Don’t use too big H1 tags
  • Be creative while writing H1 tags

The Closing Words

H1 tags are an important factor Google takes into account while optimizing your websites. But if you’re using wrong H1 tags, it can damage the ranking as well as the reputation of your site. We are recommending that you use one long tail keyword in your H1 tag as it promotes good user experience. Do not use the same H1 tag for another webpage of your website.

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