Why Switching To HTTPS

Why Switching To HTTPS is Necessary for Your Website

Google has recently announced that it is all set to consider HTTPS as a ranking signal. This announcement has triggered a lot of discussions about if the extra ‘s’ in https is worth all the hype. There are many benefits of obtaining the green padlock but not many companies are making the switch from HTTP/2 to https, despite the fact that google wants the websites to migrate to HTTPS. The apprehension of the companies are comprehensible as switching is big step and if they makes a simple mistake while switching, the result can become extremely costly for them as it can compromise with the user experience as well as the search visibility.

What Is Https?

HTTPS actually stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Google explains the working principle of HTTPS as something that protects the data confidentiality and uprightness of website and the user computer. The whole system has three layers of protection-

  • Encryption
  • Data Integrity
  • Authentication


  • The first benefit noted here is solely from the SEO perspective. Google now considers site security to be one of the ranking signals and now favors the https websites. But, it is still such a ranking signal which most SEO experts consider lightweight signals. We can expect it to evolve further.
  • Some websites will benefit more than the others depending on the type of the websites. For Example, the e-commerce websites will benefit more as these websites needs exchange of some sensitive data. Security is critical for these websites.
  • From the aspect of users’ experience, the visitors will trust your website more than the other websites. You will also be confident about the fact that you’re providing them with more safer browsing experience. And also, don’t forget the the shot of confidence you get with a little green ‘HTTPS’ with a padlock.
  • Encryption is necessary for protecting the data from the data eavesdroppers. This is necessary as it ensures that nobody is listening to your chats you’re having with someone or nobody is keeping track of what activities you’re doing on the Internet. Nobody can steal your personal data with better encryption system.
  • Data integrity is necessary as it eliminates the chances of data corruption. Data can’t be modified intentionally or unintentionally and if someone tries to do that, he or she will be detected. Authentication is necessary for protecting the data from the man in the middle attacks. It also proves that you’re communicating with only the intended websites. The authentication builds trusts between the user and the website. These three layers of protection ensure that your website will be safer than ever and enhance the user experience.

The Closing Thoughts:

To end the discussion with HTTPS, it is going to stay for a while. It is clear that migrating to https is likely to help your website. If you want to see a possible traffic on your website or if you have already achieved the goal to drive traffic to your website, you should migrate to HTTPS shortly.

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