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5 Things to Know About the Current Meta Title Guidelines of Google in 2019

As you know, Google has recently increased the length of both meta title and meta description around the last days of December 2017. The character length of Meta description is expanded twice and at present, users can create the engaging descriptions in around 320 characters. It means you have more opportunity to include the targeted keywords into the meta tags.

The length of meta title 2019 has been made almost 10-15 characters longer than it was earlier. It means you can now accommodate around 2-4 more words in the meta titles. Now the meta titles should be of 70 characters including the spaces and they have to be 600 pixels wide.

What About The Mobile Devices Search Results?

People now use mobile devices more than they use desktops or laptops. The number of people who own a smartphone but don’t own a PC is only going to get uphill day by day. Here are the rough guidelines about how the mobile search results are displayed-

  • The Meta Titles are roughly 78 characters long
  • The Meta descriptions are maximum 110-120 characters long.

It means, for mobile devices, the meta titles are longer, and the meta descriptions are shorter than the older practice. This leads the SEO specialists to suffer from a legit ‘To be, or not to be’ dilemma. They cannot decide if they should should optimize both meta title and description for either desktop or mobile devices. Or is it possible for them to optimize it on both platforms.

Meta Title 2019 Guidelines By Google:

  • Know Your Character Limit: When you’re writing meta titles, don’t write them using more than 70 characters. This way you could optimize it for both the mobile and desktop. If the maximum traffic of your website comes for the mobile, then you can add 8 more characters. The best approach you can take is to make your site mobile friendly, this can affect your ranking now.
  • Fitting More Keywords: Keywords provide your website maximum value while doing SEO. Google’s new change in the meta title guidelines has allowed the SEO experts to pack more targeted keywords. The SEOs can use long tail keywords to precisely target the audience.
  • Make A Careful and Wise Use of Keywords: It is advisable to keep your meta title unique, but here are a simple tip you can apply. Try to feature your primary keyword at the start of your title tag. According to Moz, those title tags with keywords closer to their start are ranking better than the others.
  • Describe More: Bigger meta title means better opportunity to express. Just ensure that your keywords are there. The title should be expressive and catchy enough that it influences the readers to click on it.
  • Calculate the Meta Title Length Automatically: If you’re using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, then use this formula stated below to the next cell where you’re writing your meta title. This formula [ =LEN(_)] automatically calculates the character length of the meta title you’re writing.

Don’t make haste if you’re thinking about optimizing your meta title length, do it carefully. If you have already optimized your title tags with properly placed keywords, then don’t make hurry to apply the new meta title guideline. But if your meta title is not optimized for a long period of time, then it is high time for you to apply these changes to boost your SEO.

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