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Why Does Google Prefer Mobile-Friendly Sites?

If everyone around you is talking about mobile-friendly sites and how Google is assigning higher page ranks to the sites that are mobile-responsive, then you should know that it’s not happening without a reason.

Google’s take on this is clear and simple. More than 30% of global web traffic come from mobile devices and the trend is picking up the pace. So as a search engine if Google has taken this decision, be rest assured that it has been done for the sake of the site-owners only.

If the sites fail to reach out to the mobile device users, then how can they’d be able to expand their prospect base and get leads which are most likely to get converted.

A mobile-friendly or mobile responsive website is easily navigable from any kind of device, be it a laptop, palmtop, tablet, mobile and smartwatches too. This means a greater market penetration, the pre-requisite of a soaring business.

Even if you are not on the web for business, you are here to promote something– a philanthropic organization, a charitable venture, a passion, a hobby, whatever, you are here for a greater international exposure.

And as a search engine, Google is all set to boost you. This is why responsive web designing has become mandatory for any kind of website development.
You also should take note that we are swiftly gliding towards an age when wearable techs will replace even the mobile devices. And without responsive websites, you won’t be able to get along with that brave new world.

Google is just setting up the stage and making you wake up from the ‘Rip Van Winkle’ sleep. But of course, as a site owner, you have all the rights to reject the idea of upgrading your existing site into a responsive one or develop a new one, mobile-friendly.

You have all the rights to get a too poor page rank and stay at the bottom of SERP results. Google wouldn’t mind. The choice is yours.
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