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4 Key Technologies In Web Development

There are a number of technologies that are used for web development– the database systems, Programming languages, frameworks and tools. We have picked the key 4 to provide you a quick snapshot.

This is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), one of the most important tools in web development. It can store and manage huge volume of dynamic content. It’s highly required for a website that receives a volume of traffic every day.
This is the reason why WordPress and Magneto, the best known CMS frameworks, are integrated with MySQL.

It’s a programming language, known for its flexibility of usage in different web frameworks. PHP code can easily be mixed with HTML code to develop applications that can run in almost any OS. PHP script is a server-side script that helps developing dynamic web pages.
WordPress runs on PHP. Besides, there are two variants, CakePHP and Custom PHP which are often used for developing websites of complex taxonomy.

At this age of e-commerce boom, this content management system is one of the chief key players that have revolutionized e-commerce website development. Owned by eBay, this framework is known for its built-in SEO-friendly architecture, easy customization options, useful plugins and a range of marketing tools.
If you want to develop a scalable website with an array of functionalities, Magento is the best option. Besides the development cost is low.

It’s a web application framework, part of Microsoft technologies, which is chiefly used for developing dynamic websites and bespoke web applications. The best part is, large applications can be developed using low amount of code. It comes with built-in windows authentication, enhancing the security of the site. It is language independent and so developing multi-lingual websites is easy.

There are many more to speak about and it depends on the project that which are the technologies we should choose to work with. If you have anything in mind on this regard, please get in touch or ask for a free quote, in case you are looking for an affordable web solution.

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