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7 App Optimization Tips To Rank Your Mobile App For More Visibility

There are many businesses available in the market, which are really benefiting from their popular mobile apps even in the organic Google search results. People are seeing the links between their apps in the Android and iTunes app store along with the usual stuff. People see the search listings like their brand site listing, social profile links, and local listings. Here you can see some of the most relevant app optimization tips that can help you to rank higher.

These 7 most relevant tips are as follows –

1. Perform App Popularity Optimization
You can reshape your web listing through your app store. The mobile apps with high popularity and download rates are listed higher depending on the rating quality on the app store. There is a process named App Popularity Optimization (APO) or App Store Optimization (ASO) that works by optimizing the mobile apps. This helps the app to rank better in the search result of the app store. It is one of the important approaches which can definitely help your app to get more installs. Most of these apps are found by typing certain keywords in app stores. APO exactly does what SEO does to your website, that is rank even higher. The only difference is, you have to convince your customers to download and install your app.

2. Select The Right Category
Since both the Android Play store and iTunes have multiple app categories, so, you need to select the right category that your app belongs to. It might not seem an important step but choosing the correct category affects the ranking of your app high-time. Also remember to see the categories of your app with the other apps that are similar to yours, because your users are also well versed in the listings.

3. Select The Most-Relevant Keywords
The first step you should take is to jot down the keywords that might be relevant to your app. You can also start by writing and targeting the keywords that are used by your competitors. Try to focus on the low competitive keywords that can help you rank fast. After that move to the more competitive keywords when the number of your app installation will be higher.

4. Write Proper App Description
While writing the app description, remember to write the first three lines focusing on the ways the app will meet the user need. Never fail to bullet point the unique features of your app as it can help the users to know the uniqueness of the mobile apps.

5. Encourage People To Rate And Review
This is one of the most important parts of ASO as it improves the ranking and increases the number of downloads. The apps that have the best rating and reviews rank higher in the app store. You can start by sending your users with notifications to rate and review the app.

6. Don’t Forget The Screenshots
Not everyone looks at your app description, but, everyone opens the screenshot array of your app to check it out. Always remember the first two of your screenshots are the most important amongst all. Your audience would judge the UI/UX of your app through the screenshots. If it doesn’t intrigue the audiences, they will never download your app. Put high definition screenshots to catch the attention of the visitors.

7. Post Interesting Videos
The Google app store enables the developer to post videos of your app. Use this advantage to post catchy videos showing off the uniqueness of your app to your audience that can convince them to download your app. If the app is a little bit hard to use, don’t fail to explain how to use the app through the video.

Remember, your brand name should reflect predominantly on your mobile application. The name works doubly as an anchor text. You should use the name of your website to link the app page of your app to the other pages. With the help of these app optimization tips, you can rank your mobile apps, thereby improving your website rank in search engines like Google and Bing.

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