Backlinks In SEO

Why Backlinks In SEO Are Still Important

SEO comprises of many small but important tasks and moving pieces. These pieces of tasks are equally important for optimizing your website on the search engines. Backlinks in SEO are one of those small but important parts. They help you in building the domain and page authority of your website.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks in SEO are nothing but links to your website that you provide on another website which directs you back to your website. Here is a fact for you, back in the old days, the ranking algorithm of Google was almost fully dependent on the website backlink portfolio. The black hat SEO analysts could easily hack these algorithms and easily manipulated it.

Now the algorithms are more complex and the importance of backlinks in SEO is not as important as it was before, but it still remains essential. Domain and page authorities directly indicate how authoritative your website is.

Why Are Backlink In SEO Important?

Guides The Visitors To Your Website
Backlinks in SEO provide the visitors with many ways to find your site. When a visitor is reading an important topic and notices a highlighted link somewhere, he or she is more likely to click the link. If that link takes these visitors to your site, then think of how many visitors your website will get per day.

Boosts Website Traffic If Used In Social Media
Other than using the backlink in a blog post, you can use backlinks on social media. You can share a blog on your Facebook page or Tweet it along with the link to that article. Even when you share your job ads on LinkedIn, you can add a link to your website with that.

Improves Your popularity
Sometimes commenting on some other websites which have a lot of views can give you a backlink as well. Or you could include the backlink of your website all by yourself. That means you can increase the popularity of your website or pages just by providing some quality backlinks in the comment section.

Authoritative Backlinks
The SEO experts used to manipulate Google by providing the website links to thousands of any dummy online directory. These backlinks had no quality or a piece of content. So, Google updated their PageRank algorithms to check the quality of the backlinks provided. This quality backlinks now help Google to analyze how authoritative your site is. The more authoritative your site will be, the better ranking it will have for the targeted keywords.

Serves As A Credibility Indicator
When you have many high-profile publications by building your links on many credible third-party websites, you can brag about it. Many brands make sure that they display the logos of the publications on which they appeared. These logos work as the badges that make your brand a credible choice for your target audience.

Backlinks Last Forever
The paid ads or the other paid marketing tactics has time limit and validity. To increase the validity of the campaign, you have to pay more. But your quality links will last as long as the page remains active and help you to get a permanent placement on Google search pages.

This way you’ll have traffic from that particular website to your website. Without backlinks, you’ll find a tough time to rank well in search engine.

Backlinks in SEO

How Relevant Will Backlink Be In 2018?

There was a time when Google used to rank a website depending on the backlink, but as in 2018, overdoing backlinks can do more harm than normal and it can potentially cause your website to pay a big penalty. This is because the algorithm Google now uses is smart, and it can determine which backlink is legit and which one is irrelevant. These harmful links are auto-bio boxes and many other mass-link building techniques. These links can harm your site as Google will penalize your website.

But backlinks in SEO are still important as a ranking factor. If you can use backlink in an intelligent fashion, then it’s likely to bring you good and productive benefits in the end. This simply means backlinks still works by helping Google to determine the quality and reliability of the content used in a particular website.

Your search engine rank is based on the quality of your content. Google always puts the good sites to rank on the first page, so, in 2018, you have to make sure that your page has quality content.

Google doesn’t consider every link as equal. This is because the recent Google algorithms can analyze the traffic quality your site is gaining through any link. The low-quality links often degrade the rank of your website eventually.

So, as a digital marketer, it’s your job to create backlinks after determining that how relevant backlink will be to your content. The more relevant your links are, the more credit Google will give to your website. Thus, think smart while creating backlinks.

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