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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends 2018 That Are Expected To Make A Difference

The year 2017 has seen a monumental change as more and more companies are getting into the digital marketing bandwagon. The year also saw the implementation of many groundbreaking technological changes like chatbots and AI to websites and mobile apps that can engage the audience. The past year has witnessed marketing to be personal on both sides like consumers loved the websites and apps that are focused on real-time communication and the businesses giving data-driven targeted ads. The predictions made in 2017 suggest that the digital marketing trends 2018 would be more powerful and they would bring some positive impact on the processes of digital marketing.

1. Voice-Search
Almost every one of us is familiar with the voice of Siri. The iPhone users are well- familiarized with this concept. The fraternity of future digital marketers is using this concept tremendously in order to help out their audience to search the Internet. Because of this, the SEO analysts are creating SEO optimized voice searchable content.

2. Video And Live Production
We saw the rise of branded videos last year, but this year is the year of live videos. The trend of live videos is growing remarkably as people are using it to reach out to their target audience. People now want to see Facebook or Instagram live videos rather than watching a custom made ad online. People find it annoying to watch online ads. The digital marketing gurus are predicting that the live video concept will rule the recent digital marketing trends 2018.

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3. Social Media Is Now Socially Conscious
People now want to see the reviews of some actual users of some products or brands rather than seeing a fabricated content. The consumers this year want to see real people with whom they can relate. The advanced social media metrics are now enabling the brands to use data to give their audience a complete picture. The new-age digital marketers are now engaging the audience on social media by providing them with real contents as the consumers demand to be heard.

4. Using Facebook And Instagram For Ads
The social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is now ruling the digital marketing world. More than 800 million people now use Instagram every month. The new trend of Instagram stories has given Snapchat a solid competition. The digital marketers of many brands are now using the new features of Facebook and Instagram to connect with their prospect audience.

5. Social Media Platforms Are Used To Give A Sense Of Personalization
The digital marketers are now making new statements that seemed risky only a few years before. This way the brands are now moving away from posting studio photoshoots to social media. They are encouraging the users to give real snaps. This way the other users and new consumers are getting a sense of personalization.

Closing Thoughts

For those brands who are still working to get a good-old dedicated user base, should stick to the one-to-one conversation on social media. This way they can have the human touch in their conversation. You have to remember, all digital marketing trends 2018 are nothing but ways of connecting people.

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