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Utalika Phase IV - A luxurious housing property by Ambuja Neotia.


The current website was dated and not up to the mark with complicated website navigation. It took time to load, was content-heavy, and missed out on the luxurious look and feel. The purpose of the website was lost. They needed a premium mobile-first website with improved conversion rates and loaded within 4 seconds.


Utalika Phase IV is a luxurious housing property by Ambuja Neotia. Located off EM Bypass, it comprises of spacious, beautiful, and comfortable apartments surrounded by an immaculate private lake, floral gardens, a state of the art club, and other amenities. The client wanted to redesign their existing website that portrays the features of their property in the best and impactful way.


The old website was given a complete makeover giving priority to user experience. It loaded fast and all the features worked exceptionally well. The call-to-action buttons and forms were less complicated.

The "Download Kit" option was easy to locate. We also used superior quality images and content. There was an increase in lead generation and conversions as well.

our process

A dedicated project manager was assigned who conducted a thorough UX research to strategise a plan that guaranteed results. A framework was designed and upon approval, the complete design of the website was created. We then presented the client with the final prototype and once it was approved, we carried out the development process followed by extensive testing.

  1. UI/UX Design
  2. Web Design
  3. Custom Development
  4. Digital Marketing


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