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These Solutions Benefit The IT Consultants

  • MSSPL-Streamline-Processes

    You hire a dedicated development team along with a Project Manager

  • MSSPL-Automate-Tasks

    Rapid scaling and on-demand team availability

  • MSSPL-Reduce-Operational-Losses

    Diverse technology stack developers

  • MSSPL-Manage-Tasks-Resources

    Dedicated Testing team

  • MSSPL-Timely-Notifications

    Fixed monthly cost

  • MSSPL-Generate-Key-Reports

    No costs of upgrading infrastructure

  • Manage multiple projects

  • Focus on consultancy and depend on us (as a partner) for development and delivery

  • Deep focus on project execution rather than operations

Our Approach

We are perfect for you. Our solutions range from custom built operational applications to tailor-made ERP solutions to help you manage your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Sign an agreement for IP protection

We sign the agreement to keep your client’s safe.

Discuss with You

Our IT managers would discuss in details your requirement. It could range from a single project to multiple project from your clients.


Analyse Your Project

At this step, we analyse your requirement and also review the requirements of your clients. Based on our review we propose the best possible Team composition for multiple projects.


Finalize Your Project

We create the project proposal and send it for your approval. Once we receive an ‘yes’ from your end, we readily proceed to plan the project.


Plan Project Flow

A dedicated Team manager is assigned to manage the project execution. We prefer work in sprints and follow agile development practices.


Execute Project Work

The Team manager is responsible for managing the team and executing the work as per the plan. He sends the completed modules to you. The project is built with agile methodology and incorporates your feedback.


Perform Testing

Our mission is to deliver the error-free applications. In order to ensure that, we undertake rigorous testing of the applications so that they are bug-free.



The application is made live and operational after we get approval from Quality Team and you.


Post Implementation Review (PIR)

How can we track whether you are 100% satisfied with the solution? We conduct PIR and review the success of the application.


Case Studies

We are perfect for you. Our solutions range from custom built operational applications to tailor-made ERP solutions to help you manage your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Fresh Today

  • About
  • Challenges
  • Solution

Fresh Today is a School Lunch Ordering and Booking system that supply 110,000 school lunches weekly to 130 schools nationwide.

They wanted to build a highly scalable online school lunch ordering system for the client serving kids through Govt scheme in Ireland. The previous system was buggy and crashed during peak times. Weekly Lunch order report took 45 minutes to generate. No downtime. 99% uptime.

The new system is extremely user-friendly and scalable to more than 500000 lunches booking. No crashes during peak times. 100% uptime. Record performance. The generation of reports time has considerably reduced to 1/4th. Fast data import and reports generation.

MSSPL Case-Study Fresh Today

"Mass Software Solutions continue to be a key partner of Centricom Ltd based in the Isle of Man, UK. We utilise the extensive services of MSSPL for numerous projects spanning from bespoke custom made Secure Cloud CRM and Workflow Platforms, through to SEO and Web/Marketing initiatives. The team at MSSPL have vast experience, frequently contributing to any ideas that we propose and always go the extra mile to ensure the highest levels of quality and ongoing support. MSSPL enhance the service proposition of Centricom and we look forward to a long and rewarding future together."

Alex Martin-Smith Centricom LTD.

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