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Our Approach

We are perfect for you. Our solutions range from custom built operational applications to tailor-made ERP solutions to help you manage your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Discuss with You

Understand your processes and workflow. Identify challenges and shortcomings. Discuss with you the best possible solutions keeping in mind your current workflow.


Analyse Your Project

At this step, we analyse the project requirements, understand your business goals, your mission, vision and your values.


Finalize Your Project

We create the project proposal and send it for your approval. Once we receive an ‘yes’ from your end, we readily proceed to plan the project.


Plan Project Flow

A dedicated project manager is assigned to manage the project execution. We prefer to work in sprints and follow agile development practices.


Execute Project Work

The project manager is responsible for executing the work as per the plan and sends the completed modules to you. The project is built with agile methodology and incorporates your feedback.


Perform Testing

Our mission is to deliver the error-free applications. In order to ensure that, we undertake rigorous testing of the applications so that they are bug-free.



The application is made live and operational after we get approval from Quality Team.


Post Implementation Review (PIR)

How can we track whether you are 100% satisfied with the solution? We conduct PIR and review the success of the application. We offer 60 days of FREE Technical and Customer Support.


Case Studies

We are perfect for you. Our solutions range from custom built operational applications to tailor-made ERP solutions to help you manage your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Gard Bags

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  • Challenges
  • Solution

This company is one of the world's top manufacturers of musical instrument bags. Apart from selling their own bags worldwide, they also work with companies like Yamaha and other big brands for their OEM requirement.

Their old website was outdated and crowded with a lot of information with no clear picture. They had no clue about their visitors and their digital interaction, that meant they were losing potential customers every day. To find the right digital marketing strategy and position the brand globally. They wanted to keep all the information yet organise them in user-friendly and simple way.

The brand recognition and customer interaction increased substantially. The website received a total responsive makeover, incorporating a customer-centric UI/UX. Our Digital team came in with a strategy and worked alongside our website development team yielding streamlined efforts and a cohesive marketing plan. Gard Bags ranks #1 for more than 50 keywords on Google. It has led to a significant increase in Quotes, Calls and Revenue.

MSSPL Case-Study Gard Bags


  • About
  • Challenges
  • Solution

SVF is an Indian media and entertainment company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Apart from producing and distributing BENGALI films, SVF also distributes BOLLYWOOD and HOLLYWOOD films in Eastern India.

Create a brand new premium website and position the brand globally as a leading content provider and movie producer in the Indian Entertainment industry. Old website was outdated and very slow - had a lot of content which included a large number of movie videos, pictures and audio files. The website needed immediate attention to SEO and proper UX/UI implementation. They wanted to measure the behaviour of their visitors and view their digital footprints to enable them to create successful strategies for better and long-term engagement.

The new website led to a significant increase in both unique views and average session durations. Bounce rates also reduced. The entire website was optimised for speed and the user experience was enhanced. Sleek “Social updates” section embedded in their homepage enabled them to engage effectively with their audience through the social media channels. Hosting on AWS helped in speed optimisation, security and scaling. The new brand had easy exposure to prioritised sections.

MSSPL Case-Study SVF

"Owns talented graphic designers."

Abhi Chakraborty Gard Bags

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