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These Solutions Benefit The Start-Ups

  • MSSPL-Streamline-Processes

    Discussing and improving the idea - Ideating

  • MSSPL-Automate-Tasks

    Help you choose the ideal technology stack

  • MSSPL-Reduce-Operational-Losses

    Provide consultancy on the most needed features and prevent unnecessary spending

  • MSSPL-Manage-Tasks-Resources

    Define a Minimum Viable Product/ Proof of Concept

  • MSSPL-Timely-Notifications

    Once the the PoC is successful, we build the full blown system

  • MSSPL-Generate-Key-Reports

    Launch the product

  • MSSPL-Manage-Hosting

    Manage the hosting

  • MSSPL-Provide-Support

    Provide support and maintenance

  • MSSPL-Provide-Consultancy

    Provide consultancy on keeping the product viable and relevant.

  • MSSPL-Manage-Digital-Branding

    Manage their Digital branding and Analytics to analyse and suggest changes for course correction

Our Approach

We are perfect for you. Our solutions range from custom built operational applications to tailor-made ERP solutions to help you manage your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Sign an agreement for IP protection

We sign the agreement to keep your idea safe. This is to prevent any IP violations.


Discuss with You

Our product specialists would discuss in details your idea. They help you to formulate your vision and mission.


Analyse Your Project

At this step, we analyse the project requirements, understand your business goals, your mission, vision and your values. This stage is to clearly define the features and specifications.


Finalize Your Project

We create the project proposal and send it for your approval. Once we receive an ‘yes’ from your end, we readily proceed to plan the project.


Plan Project Flow

A dedicated project manager is assigned to manage the project execution. We prefer to work in sprints and follow agile development practices.


Execute Project Work

The project manager is responsible for executing the work as per the plan and sends the completed modules to you. The project is built with agile methodology and incorporates your feedback.


Perform Testing

Our mission is to deliver the error-free applications. In order to ensure that, we undertake rigorous testing of the applications so that they are bug-free.



The application is made live and operational after we get approval from Quality Team.


Post Implementation Review (PIR)

How can we track whether you are 100% satisfied with the solution? We conduct PIR and review the success of the application. We offer 60 days of FREE Technical and Customer Support.


Case Studies

We are perfect for you. Our solutions range from custom built operational applications to tailor-made ERP solutions to help you manage your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Pocket Passport

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  • Solution

Pocket Passport is a cloud-based management software that aims to make teaching and learning fun, planning effortless, research and reporting simple.

They needed the software to simplify and automate the daily tasks and operations for an educational institute. They wanted to incorporate advanced teaching tools like Scheduling system, Library, Digital Quiz, Story Book, Gamification and a highly flexible and customisable Ticketing system. High speed and scalable system. Simple and User-friendly design.

The entire web application is built in a modular manner. The entire architecture was designed keeping the size and complexity in mind. The design has received very good feedback from all the schools, teachers and students. We are researching every day to make it a better, both design and features. The system is responsive and mobile friendly, so that is can be used while you are on the road. AWS Hosting helped in optimising resources and escalating scalability.

MSSPL Case-Study Pocket Passport


  • About
  • Challenges
  • Solution

mPokket is a mobile application that helps users to achieve financial independence.

The mobile application had to be very intuitive and simple enough for college students to use. Highly secure and scalable. Need to retain users. The end users should be able to apply for loans within minutes and get disbursal acknowledgement right away. Analyse the traffic to identify trends to market better.

The mobile app interface was an instant hit with the end users. The entire hosting on AWS platform was configured to accommodate for sudden traffic surges. We gave support of separate teams working on maintenance, support, development and R&D allowing the client to provide very fast app upgrades. Dynamic features updates and high security helped in gaining and retaining users. Google analytics was implemented and the client was guided to use the tool effectively. The App is now surpassing targets regularly.

MSSPL Case-Study mPokket

"Fantastic experience & design skills."

Co-Founder Financial Services

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