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A disaster management enterprise web application of an Award-Winning CNN Hero Disaster recovery team in the USA.


Since the primary working area is mostly in places where electricity and internet are unavailable because of the disaster, the entire team had to work using pen and paper to manage volunteer registration, volunteer and admin role allocation, stock management, order management, donation, etc. Again, everything had to be put into a sheet once they were back in head office. So, there was a huge problem syncing, organizing and reporting everything, which gave way to the need for a centralized system that can still work in a disconnected scenario.


OBR is a Disaster Management and Support, Non-profit Organization. It conducts a lot of events to provide support in disaster areas and runs on donations from its volunteers and supporters. Apart from its members, OBR also requires a lot of volunteers to help them out in those events.


We gave an innovative solution tailored to meet all their requirements. The records could be updated from the mobile-first web application. This changed the way OBR used to work and the data became easily available anytime, anywhere. Besides that, the volunteers could register and be updated with the events, show their interest in participating, choose their time slots and get approval from OBR. It also reduced the on-site registration procedure in the next events once a volunteer has registered earlier.

This year they wanted to introduce Order management and delivery into the system, which we implemented seamlessly and successfully. They can now estimate the number of Orders every day for each meal (lunch and dinner) and use their raw materials accordingly. This has ensured optimal usage of resources and reduced their cost. No more wastage of resources at all.

our process

A project manager was assigned to make sure the set goals were achieved on time. Thorough UX research was conducted to strategise a plan and design of the web application. On approval, the UX strategy was implemented on every module. We worked on the wireframe and the UI design. Upon completion, the client was presented with the prototypes. Once it was approved, we started the development process. After the development was completed, the application was tested for bugs and errors, including:

  1. UI/UX Design
  2. Custom Development
  3. Mobile App Development


  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Design Source Files


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OBR ERP Solutions caters to over 26 states and 60 communities.

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